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An emerging fashion & commercial photographer.

From the early days as a yearbook photographer, he accepted his first assignments with the local nightclubs and universities. His evolving creativity would not go unseen however, as he began to take on a mixture of gigs that would diversify his photographic range. The last nine years has allowed him to produce images in many genres including photojournalism, concerts, studio, portraits, fashion, sports, red carpets, weddings, lifestyles & product. 

All throughout, with the exception of high school, he has been completely self-taught.

2016 would mark the year he would begin his transition into full-time fashion photography, affirming his desire to pursue his passion wholeheartedly. He is now in the renaissance of his photographic career, developing his own personal style. His engineering work ethic and highly contagious, if not viral laugh, serves him well in being able to garner both a following of supporters and a new client base.

Watch for him in 2017 as he marks 10 years of photography!



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Only new work from 2016 onwards is being showcased.


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What is PANTAO?

A Filipino word meaning human.

That will be revealed soon!




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Québec, CANADA

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